WMS and Technology Solutions

Technology is at heart of our processes, but just upgrading the technology is not enough. Its optimization by smart deployment & usage is important. Time and again we analyse which technology is required by the client and which is not and upgrade it makes it more viable and sustainable.

Jal Supply Chain Solutions provides a robust Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and Transport Management Software (TMS) which can be easily integrated with the client's software. The software can be customized to the specific requirements of the client.

Our highly advanced software with advanced features like logic based stock movements helps dramatically control labour costs and space utilization. Moreover, it offers full integration to sales, purchasing, logistics and other 3rd party systems which supports our clients meet customer expectations on how they want their orders sourced, packaged and shipped.

Our WMS & TMS solutions provide all the facilities including:

  •    Barcode and RFID Scanners for real time operations, process controls and real time reports,
  •    GPS enabled vehicles
  •    Fully CCTV enabled automated warehouses
  •    Frequent reporting and updates to the stakeholders via SMS


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