Warehouse Project Consultancy

We at JAL have the expertise as well as experience to provide "Best in Class Consultancy" for all activities related to Warehousing. For our clients we are a one stop solution as we involve ourselves at all the levels including 3PL service provider, Warehouse Consulting, Warehouse Project Consultancy, WMS technology, Racks, MHE and Automations.

With our involvement right from the initial conceptual phase, we design solutions considering the viewpoints of both the equipment suppliers and also 3PL service providers; thus avoiding any disruptions in future during actual operations.

What are the benefits -

  •    Consolidation of smaller Warehouses into bigger warehouses
  •    Huge Savings in Costs
  •    Huge Increase in Productivity (i.e. more work in lesser time by lesser people)
  •    Lowers dependency on Human involvement
  •    High Safety for Stocks
  •    Huge reduction in Operations/Management costs
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