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Complete Guidance to Third Party Logistics

Currently, there is a huge market for third party logistics, as the retailer success can alter significantly if the product is not delivered on time that too in good condition. Various 3PL logistics are currently functional in various parts of India, such as Third party logistic company in Pune or Third Party Logistic Company in Mumbai, etc. but to be the leader they should maintain their quality as well as integrity in delivering the product in any part of India, in an exclusive Omni channel manner.

In this regard, the content is intended to provide our readers complete guidance related to third party logistics and its obvious advantages, in a current era.

What exactly is 3 PL?

Today, it becomes too tough as well as costly for a manufacturer to stock all the products in advance and arrange their supply as per the scheduled delivery. In this regard, various third party logistics, such as third party logistics in Bhiwandi are functional currently, that are being outsourced by many manufacturers to deliver numerous supply chains that are being manufactured by them. In short, a third party logistic company is involved in performing all other managerial functions, such as customs, in bound freight, distribution, stocking, and other fulfillment required by the client.

What all things are included in Third Party Logistics?

3PL logistics comprised of number of components, such as services related to:

• Supply chain Management
• Warehousing the stock and maintenance from damage
• Fulfillment of the order and maintaining proper delivery schedules
• Other consolidation services.

What are different types of 3PL service providers?

If you or your company decides to go with the third party logistics; it is very crucial for you to analyze the need for it and then choose the best ones as per your applications. Accordingly, various types of third party logistics service providers are:

• 3PL asset based logistics: Wherein the companies are utilizing their own space for warehousing and stock related applications. These companies are functional on the basis of their multiple assets, such as their warehouses, their own transports, and their own expertise to perform functions.

• Management based logistics: These companies are mainly involved in offering support pertaining to managerial and technological aspects. These are being achieved by using assets of other companies, or of the manufacturers and providing proper know-how to them.

• Integrated logistics providers: These companies are of two types, they can either be management or asset based, depending upon the need and the demand.

Why should you use a 3 PL service provider?

There are multiple reasons, why a company should go with Third Party Logistics Service Providers, and can be noted as follows:

• They can offer you complete documentary guidance for supplying chain support in new territories, where you have not been functional so far.

• During your busy business hours, these companies can save lot of time and money, by offering you complete assistance in warehousing and supplying your products.

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