GST Consultancy

Given our expertise in Warehousing and Transportation services, MHE and Automation services as well as technology solutions, we can provide our clients a holistic warehouse consolidation and automation as well as technologically advanced transportation services.

During the pre GST period, companies used to keep multiple warehouses at various locations across India. The idea behind this was to save on Inter-State sales tax by showing stock transfer movement, and claim rebate through intra-state sales, thus getting a competitive advantage in the industry by reducing the production cost. This resulted in higher daily warehouse operating costs as as well as higher transportation costs.

Post 1st July 2017, when the GST is implemented, there will be a Single Indirect Tax system PAN India and because of its simplified and uniform approach, there is surely going to be a more positive impact of GST on warehousing in India.

The companies will be able to take rebate on all types of business transactions whether it is inter-state or intra-state and be competitive in their industry. Since, there will be a single level playing field for all companies, the expectations from the Logistics Service Partner (LSP) for robust Warehouse & Transportation services will increase.

Keeping this in mind, Jal has have entered into a strategic alliance with Mr. Amitabh Kehmka pertaining to providing sustainable and pertinent Warehousing and Transportation GST consulting services to our clients.


Amitabh Khemka


Amitabh is a Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant and has been a member of Working Group on GST, a sub-group of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers. He has also led industry representations on indirect taxes (including GST) on behalf of industry forum/s to Central Government (Ministry of Finance, Department of Telecom, regulatory authorities) and State Governments.

He is currently Chief Operating Officer at Sthir Advisors LLP, a professional services firm, specializes in Indian indirect taxes and foreign trade policy.

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